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Indigenous  Dreamcatchers.  Mohawk.  “ G ”   6” x 21”   Single Ring.   Sage & Sweetgrass

Indigenous Dreamcatchers. Mohawk. “ G ” 6” x 21” Single Ring. Sage & Sweetgrass

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Indigenous Dreamcatcher.

Authentic Indigenous.

One of a Kind.

SIngle Ring- Sage and Sweetgrass  with 6 Feathers

For Centuries the Iroquois People have rever3ed Sweetgrass and Sage as sacred medicine.  Used for cleansing and renewal of the spirit.

Handmade by Mohawk Artisans from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ontario Canada.

Each Dreamcatcher is made of high quality materials by accomplished artists.

The Dreamcatchers come in various sizes.  They are measured according to the size of the circle, and total hanging length.

This particular Dreamcatcher measures approximately  6” in diameter with a total hanging length of 21“.


It is said that in the night air there are good dreams and bad dreams.

The Dreamcatcher allows the good dreams to pass through the web and to drift down to the one sleeping below.  Bad dreams become hopelessly tangled in the web, where they perish at the first light of dawn.