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Frontal view
Side view
Indigenous, Africa. Musical Instrument. Rawhide- 2 Row Tambourine
View from the backside
Side view of detailed design
View of brass discs wit detailed wood separating them
View showing the missing and damaged 2 pieces of wood on the back.

Indigenous, Africa. Musical Instrument. Rawhide- 2 Row Tambourine

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Rawhide- wood- Brass

Two row Tambourine


Artist Unknown 

Date unknown.  From private collection acquired in the 1980”s

This instrument measures 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” deep.  There are 10 sets of 2 brass discs, all in good condition.  The woooden frame has been decorated in a black and white pattern of Diamonds with squares , Rectangles with a single dot in the centre, and an intricate pattern of white and grey diamonds

The instrument is made from hand scraped hide, stretched and glued over the wooden base.  

It is in fair condition, is sound, and has no cracks.  There are two pieces of wood ( white with black dots) either missing or damaged on the back.  

Please see photos.