21 flowers plus a  couple of doubles
21 flowers plus a couple of doubles
12 flowers
12 + 1 animals
24 flags plus a couple of doubles
25 flags plus a couple doubles
5 miscellaneous
2 Butterflies and 5 Military Medals

Tobacco Silks. Vintage . Collection of 128 Plus... Assorted

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Vintage Tobacco Silks- 128 ( plus a few doubles)

These Tobacco Silks ( also called Cigarette Silks) - although they are likely satin, not silk- were inserted into packages of cigarettes around 1910.  They could also be obtained by sending in coupons stuffed into the cigarette packs.  The designs came in sets and were meant to tweak to women.  

The silks came in different themes and could be sewn together to make a larger picture, wall hangings or quilts and crazy quilts.


On offer are:  128 tobacco / cigarette  silks consisting of the following:

13 Animals       ( plus a couple of doubles-free)  

49 Flags           ( plus a few doubles-free)

54 Flowers.      (Plus a few doubles-free)

2 Butterflies

5 Military Medals

5 miscellaneous 

Sold as collection only.